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Necklace Diffusers


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"Scenter" your world with our Aromatherapy Necklace Diffuser. It is made with white porcelain bringing a classical cameo style look and Sea Glass accents! Use with your favorite essential oil blend.

Diffuser Necklace

Sea glass sand dollar with diffuser bead 18" sterling silver chain



Sand Dollar Diffuser Bead & aqua sea glass Necklace 18" Natural cord & sterling silver clasp



Sand Dollar Diffuser Bead & aqua sea glass necklace 18" Sterling Silver chain



Hand crafted porcelain guru bead


Our Malas are handmade, hand knotted and customized for your individual intentions...based on your birth chart, a sacred union, children, chakras, or remeberance!   

Please understand each Mala is made for you personally and may take time to create!  

Prices start at $150.00 and up. I will give you a customized estimate before beginning on your individualized piece.

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Astro Malas


Astrology Malas are customized for the exact time your soul entered the earthly plane.  Using your natal chart to bring together the stones of your birth's magical energy specialized for your life journey and divine purpose!  We choose stones or crystals to harness your sun, moon and rising signs.Using your chart to guide the magical energy or our planets to help teach and guide us on our True North Node Path!

Price: Usually the price starts around 150.00 and goes up from there. I will send you the estimated price of the necklace after I know which stones are being used. 

Chakra Malas


Choose one or more chakras for your necklace. Using the natural stones energies to create alignment of your chakras and opening your channels to becoming your best self! 

Marriage Malas


Our Marriage and Anniversary Malas bring together solar or lunar energies of your union with your soul mate! Creating a mala to share your magical bond for forever! 

customized Malas


We also customize Malas to represent the sun energy of your children, remembrance of that special person you have lost or any special meaning for your life journey!

"Sand Dollars for the Sea"


Protect Our Mother

 Oneea's will donate a portion of the proceeds from each necklace to a non profit Foundation. In 2019 we will be supporting Protect Our Mother Foundation. Find out more here...

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